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Product and raw materials

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Pharmaceutical Purified water

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Other services



Sterilization of filtration capsules, tools etc.

uslugi inne sterylizacja narzędzi

Embracing the expectations of our loyal Customers and with future Customers unable to perform sterilization processes in their facilities in mind, we offer high pressure steam sterilization.

According to a draft regulation of the Ministry of Health on sanitary requirements, beauty parlours, hairdressing salons and tattoo studios will be required to install sterilization devices for cosmetic tools and train employees accordingly.

You can contract this service to specialists from the BIO-CHIC Laboratory.



Biological indicators

The offer is intended primarily to pharmacies and dental offices.

According to the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 30 September 2002 on detailed requirements for a pharmacy (Journal of Laws No. 171, item 1395) every pharmacy producing drugs in aseptic conditions must use a steriliser. The sterilization process must be continuously controlled to ensure its proper quality. Our offer includes tests of biological indicators for sterilization control.



Identification of bacterial strains with VITEK-2 Compact system

testyWe offer a possibility to identify microorganisms cultured by the customer and delivered to our laboratory. Thanks to the used technology -VITEK 2 provides the results on the same day, on average in 6-8 hours. The unique identification method used in the system allows identification of more than 98% of the most common isolates on the level of single taxon. It also guarantees the highest differentiation. The offer is addressed to enterprises independently performing microbiological tests of production environment or final product, but do not have the facilities and capabilities to carry out identification of cultured bacteria.




Method suitability acc. to FP and Ph.Eur

Testing is carried out according to the Polish and European Pharmacopoeia. It is performed routinely for regular Customers when selecting a test method for a new preparation. The tests can also be done without a contractual agreement.





The offer includes testing the microbiological purity of packaging used for the production of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Ordering these tests you will know whether your supplier applies the expected sanitary standards. This knowledge will prevent any losses resulting from contaminants transferred to the product. Testing should include plastic and glass packaging, such as bottles, stoppers, caps, tops, droppers, plastic film etc.

Tests of microbiological purity are performed according to an internal testing procedure based on the pharmacopoeial tests or Customer’s specification.



Validation of microbiological methods

At the Customer’s request we can validate microbiological methods against the Polish and European Pharmacopoeia or cosmetic standards.



Other tests ordered acc. to Customer's methodology

With numerous years of experience and expertise in microbiology, as well as highly-qualified personnel, the BIO-CHIC Microbiological Laboratory provides a number of additional services to adjust its offer to the current needs of our partners. Our full involvement, availability and guaranteed confidentiality ensure successful cooperation with our Company.



Training in manufacturing hygiene


Actions of your manufacturing staff have a tremendous effect on the quality of drugs, cosmetics, food and other products of your company. Employees often detect and prevent risks, but may also miss or even conceal them. You can avoid dangerous situations resulting from inappropriate human action only by training. Training of employees in manufacturing facilities of medicinal products is required by the law.

Our offer includes training in hygiene, collection of water samples for microbiological tests, collection of environmental samples and determination of critical points. Training sessions are tailored for a specific manufacturer according to Customer’s needs.



Support in PN-EN ISO 22716 GMP implementation for cosmetics

Embracing the expectations of our Customers and considering the obligation to manufacture cosmetics according to the Good Manufacturing Practice imposed by the Regulation 1223/2009, we have extended our services with GMP implementation support for cosmetic companies.

Our highly-qualified specialists are ready to help at a time and place that you find most convenient. Our approach is custom-tailored according to your needs. You can be sure your information will be kept confidential.